Taste in life

About us

Intertaste B.V. is a company established in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands and also has an office in Gdynia, Poland. After many years of experience in the fish business it became time to start up our own company. This because we think we know best how to source the fish and to serve it to you. We have our central storage in a town called Son. From there we ship our goods to all over the EU. Since we have strong connections with many companies in Poland, we import and -export a lot of product s from and to Poland through our Polish office. 

Poland has become a very big fish producing country, with our good connections there our possiblities of being able to offer endless specifications of an endless range of products against very competitive prices is enormous. 

We have a lot of logistical experience. So no logistical challenge can be too difficult for us, we almost always know to find the best solution to get the products to you in time.

We work with a professional traceability system. So whenever it is needed, we can always trace it back from the plate until the boat that catched it or the farm that farmed it. This makes our business clear and transparent, that is what we are all about.

In 20 years we still want to be able to deliver you the fish from our beautiful sea and farms. So if possible, we can offer the products to you in MSC, ASC and Global Gap.