Taste in life


Canning, filleting, cutting, portioning, packing, repacking, smoking; we know everything about it and we have the right products for it. We also really don’t want any waste out of production to be spoiled, so we have good contracts with big factories who supply us with mince, scrape meat, B&P, bones, heads, skins and rest of stocks they didn’t manage to sell.

-         Tuna and B&P

-         Skipjack;

-         Oilfish

-         Cod portions, loinless blocks, B&P

-         Saithe portions, loinsless blocks, B&P

-         Salmon fillets, portions, mince, scrape, B&P, backbones, heads

-         Mackerel fillets, filletblocks

-         Hotsmoked and coldsmoked by products: Halibut, salmon, tuna,              trout