Taste in life

Intertaste B.V. brings all the tastes of fish from all over the world on your plate. We can offer you everything from budget to premium products. Please take  the time to find all information about our company. 

We travel the world in search of the best product, we meet new cultures, taste the fish and see the production from A to Z. We are passionate about the fish and make sure the product you get is 100% approved by us. We know what we are selling.


Our story

Intertaste B.V. is a company established in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

After many years of experience in the fish business, it became time for a young man to start up our own company. This because we think we know best how to source the fish and to serve it to you.



Among the years, we have built great connections with fish producers around
the world. With our international relations we can offer endless specifications of an endless
range of products against very competitive prices.




Our main storage plant is located in Son, the Netherlands. From this central location, we can distribute our products in the most efficient way throughout Europe.


With our logistical experience, no distribution challenge can be too difficult for us. We have our trusted logistic partners that we have cooperated with for many years. We always know how to find the best solution to get the products to you in time.


At Intertaste we are striving for suistainabilty. In 20 years, we still want to be able to deliver you the fish from our beautiful sea and farms. So, if possible, we can offer the products to you in MSC, ASC and Global Gap. Our business is clear and transparent, that is what we are all about.



Restaurants and hotels are looking for products which are constantly available in a stable quality all the time. Below you can find a small selection of our range of products where we have strong connections with. Also, we are constantly looking for new innovative products. So when we find it, we can keep you informed!



Canning, filleting, cutting, portioning, packing, repacking, smoking; we know everything about it and we have the right products for it. We also really don’t want any waste out of production to be spoiled, so we have good contracts with big factories who supply us with mince, scrape meat, B&P, boes, heads, skins and rst of stocks they didn’t manage to sell.